I RECENTLY recovered boxes of old cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes with music I wrote during various periods in my life. Some go back to my teens! I intend to add a few songs at a time. Feel free to share.

Sound quality varies. Headphones will be way better than computer or (gasp-don't even think about it) cellphone speakers.

The Olden Street RecordingS (1983-85)

With college friend and co-performer, Michael Mann. These were recorded in the attic of our off-campus house during a mostly sleepless two weeks in June, 1985. Most of the songs were recorded on our housemate and brilliant musician Craig Lapine’s Fostex multitrack recorder.



AZ IZ (1987-89)

With friend and band-partner Ilan Lieman, bass player Dave Clark, and drummer Chip English. These were mostly recorded in a studio in the East Village in Winter, 1988.


More soon...