Joel Westheimer is an education columnist for CBC Radio's Ottawa Morning and Ontario Today. Below you can find links to his segments. 


Schools Crowdfunding (November 7, 2017). Many teachers are turning to crowdfunding to stock their classrooms with everything from 3D printers to iPads. 

Should Schools Have Rules Over Halloween Costumes? (October 24, 2017). As Halloween looms a debate is raging over costumes in the classroom.

Students Marking Their Own Homework (September 6, 2017). Some students are getting the chance to mark their own homework as part of a pilot project at an Ontario school. 

The Gap Year (July 10, 2017). Joel Westheimer weighs in on the pros and cons of the gap year. 

Skills-based Programs (June 6, 2017). The province says skills-based programs are helping boost graduation rates.

Roughhousing (April 18, 2017). A new guide for Quebec daycares says we should encourage roughhousing. What are the benefits? 

Fiddler on the Roof (April 4, 2017). Interviews with Joel Westheimer and a few other stars of Fiddler on the Roof.

Schools and Drugs (March 2, 2017). As the community struggles to figure out a spate of teen overdoses, education columnist Joel Westheimer weighs in on what schools can really do about teen drug abuse.


Teaching Trump (November 22, 2016). Joel Westheimer weighs in on the debate over teacher neutrality and political opinion in the classroom.

Inclusive Schools (October 19, 2016). Gifted programs are on the chopping block in the Ottawa Carleton School Board. 

Summer Slide (June 28, 2016). Does a two month break from school lead to "summer slide"?

Rural vs Urban Schools (June 7, 2016). As two Ottawa Valley schools with fewer than 60 students get ready to close, our education columnist Joel Westheimer on what cannot be measured by size alone.

Should Schools Be Teaching "Grit"? (May 24, 2016). Why do some students succeed while others do not? 

Special High School Programs (April 18, 2016). Are special high school programs just another way of streaming students? As the Ottawa Carleton District School Board starts its own review, education columnist Joel Westheimer weighs in on the pros and cons of speciality programs.


Mandatory Volunteering (November 24, 2015). Does mandatory volunteering build better citizens? Fifteen years after Ontario introduced high school volunteer hours, some people wonder whether it is time for a review.

Students, What Needs to Change about Schools? (August 20, 2015). As one teachers' union settles its labour dispute and two more continue in a legal strike position, CBC invites students to the table. 2014-15 was a challenging school year, with labour unrest, a new sex ed curriculum and protests over dress codes. As the new school year approaches, CBC asks students: What needs to change about school? Guests are: Roman Ebadi, a grade 12 student from Hamilton and CEO for the Organization for Ontario Secondary Students; Laura Anderson, a high school grad from London, Ontario who was involved in a dress code protest after being sent home for wearing a tank top and ripped jeans to school; Professor Joel Westheimer, University Research Chair for Democracy and Education at the University of Ottawa.

Teacher Attrition (April 7, 2015). A new crop of teachers are getting their diplomas. But stats show one-third will leave the profession in the next 5 years.

The New Sex-Ed Curriculum (February 3, 2015). Spelling... Storytime ...Sex. Education columnist Joel Westheimer explains how Ontario students will learn the facts of life under the Liberals' new sex ed curriculum.


Streaming Grade Eight Students (February 26, 2014). At what age should students decide between academic and applied courses? A new report says Grade 8 is too young. 

Valentine's Day In Schools (February 14, 2014). The upside of celebrating Valentine's Day at school. 


Grading Behaviour (November 5, 2013). Should students be rated on their behaviour in class? As Ottawa schools get ready to send home report cards, education columnist Joel Westheimer discusses the link between behaviour and learning. 

Entrepreneurship Programs (October 22, 2013). Bringing Ontario classrooms into the 21st century. Calls for entrepreneurship programs have education columnist Joel Westheimer wondering if it's the best way forward.

Parent-Teacher Interviews (September 23, 2013). Meet the teacher days are here, with mixed response from parents. Education columnist Joel Westheimer spoke to Robyn about the importance of parent-teacher relationships, and why so many schools are failing.

Should Cell Phones Be Banned From All Schools? (August 27, 2013). Last week, Ontario elementary teachers passed a motion to have students turn off and put away cell phones while in school. Ultimately, it is up to school boards to decide how to handle cell phones in school. But the motion has re-ignited the debate about whether a ban is needed. 

The New Teachers College Curriculum (June 10, 2013). Last week, Ontario's education minister Liz Sandals announced some pretty fundamental changes to the way teachers will be trained in this province, starting in 2015. It might be bad news for the universities' bottom lines, but education columnist Joel Westheimer says it's good news for everyone else. 

EQAO Testing (May 21, 2013). Not being able to sleep, coming home in tears... For some kids, standardized tests are a major source of stress. So some parents keep their children home on test day. 

Far-flung School Trips (April 23, 2013). The pros and cons of expensive school trips to far-away places. 

Taking School Complaints to the Ombudsman (April 9, 2013). Education columnist Joel Westheimer weighs in on the idea of the province's ombudsman examining school policies.